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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Artist: BHI
Interviewer: Alexander Fruchter

Have you been dancing to "Laffy Taffy," and "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" lately? While snap music has caught on nation-wide, it might not be common knowledge that the person responsible for the new sound of Atlanta is K-Rab, an A-town producer. You might not know him now, but that may change soon if his group, BHI (Born Husslers Inc.) have their way. The group comprised of K-Rab, Hard Head, Yung J, and Skeet recently signed with Lil Jon, and released their own ode to the Pool Palace, "Do it, Do it (Pool Palace)."

SoundSlam recently had the chance to speak with the group about the origins of snap music, their debut album Snaplanta, and a their approach to music. Check it out.

SoundSlam: I know that K-Rab has officially been recognized as the creator of snap music. To the casual fan, they think it's D4L or Dem Franchize Boys because they got famous first. Does that matter to you guys in the long run...Do you want to be known as the starters of it?

BHI: We not the starters of it, but it's all a movement. You feel me? K-Rab, basically he started it. That's who we giving up props to. If anybody else say they did, K-Rab did it.

BHI: K-Rab did it. We started it, Hard Head started it, as a whole. It was a whole at first. It's not a whole to the public right now. They only received bits and pieces of it. They gonna get the whole cake. But we started it as a movement, as a style of Atlanta, as a way of life, as a crew. Everybody who doing it from that style who knows what it's about started it.

SoundSlam: When you say it's a movement and such, what are some things that people might think that are misconceptions [of snap music]? What's the deeper meaning of it, if it has one?

BHI: My opinion, you got to just wait till the album comes out. It basically explains it. We put in our heart and a lot of things we went through, going through things, what we've been through as far as doing this and coming from the Pool Palace and doing this music. And then a big part of the role it played in the Snap music. K-Rab started the snap sound, producing one of the first snap songs, just life.

SoundSlam: Why did you guys decide to sign with Lil Jon when you could have gone to a lot of different record labels?

BHI: Lil Jon...If we can't go nowhere, we can always come home. Basically, it's just like if we come up here with Lil Jon we're keeping it in the A. We felt like it was a good move...Lil Jon came our way. We talked to Lil Jon. We talked to Warner Brothers. We talked with BME and Strictly Bizness Records. And we made it happen.

SoundSlam: What have you learned from him since starting your relationship?

BHI: We've learned it's strictly business.

BHI: We learned no matter who's around you, and how many people are around you, you got to do what you got to do for you to win. Basically that motivated us and kept us stronger as a team and as a unit. It reminds us at times that we may forget it, and it may slip our minds that we all we got. We got to make it happen.

SoundSlam: For those that don't know, BHI stands for Born Husslers Inc. What are some traits that make a hustler successful?

BHI: A Born Hussler is basically self-explanatory. If you hustlin' on the music tip, if you hustlin' in the streets, if you hustlin' on a work job, if you huslin' anywhere, however you hustle, you a born hustler. That's the only way you can get it, so get it man.

BHI: Basically, describing a Born Hussler in different words, and another way, our meaning describes us, me as a person, my partners as a crew. It's something that describes: we like to have fun, so we hustle. We're Born Husslers. We like to get money, we like to have fun, so we do it, do it, do it. Husslers get money. What they like to do? They like girls.

BHI: Get money out the girls, however you get money.

BHI: Everything we do relates to us personally, and what we go through in our lives.

SoundSlam: Talking about "Do It, Do It." With all the attention that the Pool Palace has gotten recently, do you think it will start to change at all? How will the wide attention effect it, if at all?

BHI: You see it now. You go to the Palace certain nights that didn't jump, now it's jumping.

BHI: Everything that's going on dealing with the Pool Palace right now is making an introduction to the Poole Palac itself, the dance itself. Nobody that actually could just do it, do it, do it, has done it and showed the world yet. D4L showed them how to lean with it, rock with it, shouts out to Fab-O. D.O.B. showed them how to lean with it, rock with it, shouts out to D.O.B. (Dem Franchize Boyz). Doin' it, Doin' it, people tried to do it, but no one actually showed them how to do it. The video showed the way, and [showed] everybody that you could do it. They can do it, do it, do it, but I bet they can't do it like us. When they see it and they get a visual to what's really going on, it's gonna shock the world again just like snap music shocked the world. Everybody adapted to it. When they see how to do it, or how you really do it, it's gonna shock'em again. Basically, we want to put a stamp on it.

SoundSlam: I know some of you were pursuing solo careers before you joined the group. What made you decide to come together? Do you feel you have to put some of yourself aside in order to fit in to the group?

BHI: The way we look at it as a crew is totally different from the way everybody else may look at it. We look at it like, I would say, still solo because we leaders, we personal leaders. Everybody put 100 % in and bring everything that they got going on as far as their personal life and involve it in this one situation, so anything or anybody I had under me and behind me, or anybody one of my partners had behind them or helping them, we all involve everything. Everything we had to offer, we offered. We created one machine. BHI, Strictly Bizness Records is a machine. We, as people and individuals, we run that machine ourselves.

SoundSlam: What is going to set you apart from the other groups from Atlanta, and the other groups doing snap music as well? Do you feel you have a signature sound that's going to make you guys stand out from the rest?

BHI: We got the originator.

BHI: You got the originator of the snap. What could get better than having the person that started out the snap and got everybody hot? Got "Laffy Taffy," "Betcha Can't Do It Like Me," "I'm The Man," "Do It Do It." What would be better than having the producer to produce your whole album be the one who created it? Then us being a part of what we got going on, it's like, we'll let the album speak for itself.

SoundSlam: I read a quote from you guys, 'All of us are from the hood and we're a good time crew but at the same time we had to bring real life to it. So there's a lot on this album outside of 'snap' music.' Are you worried at all about being categorized as only a snap music group? How are you exploring other things beyond that?

BHI: The album's gonna have to speak for it.

BHI: We ain't worried about being called a snap group, because once the album drop everybody get to know us as individuals, we totally for this type of people. We just got all the same plans in life. We'll have something for all the children in us, and whoever else want to have fun in life and do business with us. We want to make it right for the hood and everybody we came from. It ain't like we just came from 'with a silver spoon in our mouth.' We're gonna try to change it up from everybody being so negative and bad in our hood...Good time music.

SoundSlam: Speaking of the album, does it have a title? And what do you want fans to pick up from it and take away from it.

BHI: The title of the album is Snaplanta. It should be coming out this summer.

BHI: We just want everybody to have a good time. We enjoy doing our music. We enjoy people who enjoy our music. As long as you having fun and you enjoying it, what's the negative about it?

BHI: They gonna know that no matter what you do in life you can't do nothing but learn from your mistakes. You can't dwell on what you're going through, just move on and make it better. Better your situation and just have a good time, keep a smile on your face. Basically it's like my partner Hard Head said, it's feel good music. It's happy music for the kids, for the grownups, for the ladies, for the hood. We got hood music, but at the same time, it ain't gotta be hood music that's about shooting or killing no one. Hood music could be like us as a crew getting together, having fun. We do music talking about those situations. It's for everybody, different, older people...It's just for everybody.

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