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Sunday, June 18, 2006

BHI Discusses Life In Bankhead, Working With Lil Jon And The Success Of Their Debut Single BEND YA KNEES, ROCK YA HIPS, DO THE POOL PALACE!

So what is Bankhead's latest gift to the world? That would be Born Husslers, Inc. who under the wing of producer K-Rab, signed to Lil’ Jon’s BME Recordings/Warner Bros. Records in early 2006, shortly after K-Rab received worldwide recognition for his production on D4L’s “Laffy Taffy.” K-Rab, Hard Head, Yung J and Skeet make up BHI and they have managed to firmly cement their sound throughout the streets of Atlanta over the last couple of years with two successful songs out of the gate.

I caught up with BHI recently to discuss their much-anticipated Snaplanta album dropping this summer and the some of the other issues that go along with possibly being the next major hip hop group from ATL to "Do It."

First, where does the name Born Husslers Inc. come from?

Yung J:
We've been together for a couple years and BHI is just a crew of people who made a decision to go a different route in their lives and that route was music. We needed to better our lives and and that's what it's all about, BHI simply stands for Born Hustlers. We're all from different places but everything leads back to Bankhead. That's where everything comes from and where shit hit the fan. It's where we came together and made this shit happen.

You mention Bankhead as one of the central components to making things happen, what is it about the whole Bankhead movement that is so strong right now?

Yung J:
You had to go there huh. Basically, Bankhead is just THE hood of Atlanta. It's the street, it's the hood.

It's like this, if you come from a low poverty environment usually everything is down and portrayed as negativity in the media. The whole music thing in Bankhead has given the westside a positive aspect. Also, let me be the first to say that I appreciate Bankhead for adopting me man', the whole Bankhead family. I came here from New Orleans about three years ago and they took me in as family and I appreciate and respect that. From my hood to yo' hood it's all stays the same ya' feel me.

As far as the "snap" music label, do you think it's a proper label for the group?

Yung J:
Everybody else calls it snap music, but it's just feel good music to us. It's how Iwe feel music but we can accept it being snap music because if you say something bad about it we'll snap on yo' ass. We just do whatever feels good to us and whatever they wanna call it is good with us. We'll accept the label and we just look at it in a good way, we don't take it as a negative thing.

How does it feel to be doing alot of work exclusively with two of the best producers in the game, in Lil Jon and K-Rab?

It's been priceless for real. I can't even really put it into words...just priceless. Just like the MasterCard commercials. It's been a blessing for real.

Did you expect to get such a positive buzz from the first two singles "Bubble Gum" and "Do It, Do It"?

Yung J:
Well Bubble Gum kind off slipped out of our hands but when the streets got it they just took to it and it took off. Now "Do It, Do It" we had more focus on and control of and we actually did anticipate it doing what it has. If a song is hot then it will speak for itself so it is what it is.

What's next on the agenda for BHI?

We dropping "Do It, Do It" and the next single is "Bubble Gum". Then from there we'll probably drop "On the Westside" produced by K-Rab. But really the CD is done now, it's called Snaplanta and it will be out this summer for sure. Also,check out and and be sure to get that underground album 30318 Project on

How are you looking to handle the fame and the pressures once it takes shape?

It's been a struggle all our life. So we ready for whatever, struggle is what we used to. We just try to avoid all the negativity and everything will work itself out.

Check out the video for "Do It, Do It"

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BHI aka Born Husslers Inc.
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