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Saturday, August 04, 2007


What's up people,

Well, as you can see its been awhile since I've posted something on this blog. This is due to that fact that I'm a busy person and plus I run too many blogs to keep up with this one. I plan to join all my blogs and websites together in the future so there will be less work for me, but you can always get the latest from me on Click here for the atlmuzikfanzinc updated page

So, I look forward to see you all visiting the site listed above as well as this one.

Thanks for the support.

Like always keep supporting ATL talent.


Anonymous said...

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The Couey's said...

hmmm not sure what that comment was about, anyways we wanted to know if you might want to swap links with our website? It's a record pool, if so send me an email to: acouey atsymbol