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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mail Box Monday Update

Camera broke, so when I get another one I'll post pictures.

Stim-U-Dent Plaque removers sample+coupon
rephresh vaginal gel sample+coupon
free coupon for a box of kashi cereal from
Kotex sample pack+coupon
Prevention Magazine:March 2010
Cook's Illustrated:Jan/Feb 2010
Glad forceflex strechable strength tall bags from
Dove coupon $5.50 worth
Removable static cling-from Conserve Now-"Bring Your Own Bag"
Huggies coupons worth $7.50
Golf Digest:March 2010
Cosmopolitan:March 2010
Town & Country:March 2010
A Love Letter kit from
$15 coupon booklet from Save-A-Lot +P&G
Clorox disinfecting wipes sample from trial CD-ROM
Depend sample pack+coupon
free gift from intimate toy times
Celestial Seasonings Green tea sample
ESPN:Feb 22, 2010
Gooseberry Patch:Breakfast + Brunch w/Sun maid raisin +Dried Fruits
&Post Bran Raisin Cereal

Check out A Frugal Friend to join in on the fun.

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