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Friday, March 26, 2010

My Shopping Trip to Wal-Mart

On Wednesday, I decided to take a trip to Wal Mart to redeem some coupons. I used 10 coupons and some were free, dollar and cents off coupons. I purchased 12 items two were Walmart brand frozen yogurt. Those are like a dollar, so those really don't count.

Here's what I brought
Suave 24Hr deodorant $2.94 -$3=FREE
Heluva Good French Onion Sour Cream Dip $1.58=FREE
Degree Girl deodorant $1.97=$0.72
Chocolate Cheerios $2.50=$1.95
Philly Cream Cheese Minis $1.46=$0.46
Lifesaver RS pouch $0.64=$0.14

Subtotal=$11.09-7.88=$3.21 with tax I paid $3.90 so that's $4 dollars if you rounded.

Coupons Used:

$0.55 off GM Chocolate Cheerios coupon Click here to print
$1.58 off Free coupon from Heluva Good for being  their facebook fan
$1.25 off Degree Girl coupon Click here to print
$1.00 off coupon Philly Cream Cheese Join
$3.00/2 off Suave 24HR deodorant Click to Print
$0.50 off Lifesavers Strings & Rings Single-Serve bag Click here to print

I had to go back and get the other twin pack of Suave so I ended purchasing 6 more items using four coupons. Here's what I purchased.

Glaceau Vitamin Water $1.25
Great Value Frozen yogurt $1.00
Great Value Frozen yogurt $1.00
Suave 24HR twin pack $2.94
Dentek Floss Picks $2.47
Kashi Heart-to-heart whole wheat crackers $2.98

Subtotal $11.64-$6.75=$4.89 with tax I paid $5.68, so if you round that would be $6 dollars.

Coupons used:
$3.00/2 off Suave 24HR deodorant Click to Print
$1.00 off coupon Dentek Floss Picks[Facebook Fan]
$1.50 off Kashi crackers Join Vocalpoint
$1.25 FREE vitamin water coupon[Facebook Fan]

I only paid 10 dollars for all these items, and I'm sure if I knew more about couponing I could of got even more for free.

More on how to get Suave Deodorant for FREE
Suave & Degree coupons

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