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Monday, May 30, 2011

Review:This is your Brain In Love by Earl Henslin

This book was given to me for free by Thomas Nelson in exchange for a review.

This is your brain in love covers the different types of lovers, and how we can be better lovers to have good sexual experience in marriages. The lovers included the scattered lover, the overfocused lover, the blue mood lover,  the agitated lover, and the anxious lover. This book also talked about how semen is believed to have antidepressant qualities. The author also talked about how in marriages sex is used as good medicine. It helps take away emotional and physical pain that someone may feel before having sex. Also, sex for the hell of it or sex with self never satisfies someone like it does for people who are married that have a bond.

I thought this book was very interesting and had a lot of truth to it. I also thought that soul sex part was informative because it talked about soul sex being a gourmet experience. I also liked learning about how Jewish couples experience sex when they are in a relationship. It's the husband goal to make sure his wife is satisfied as much as possible. This book was inspiring because it gives me hope that you can be married and have great sex. Also, it lets me know that you can still have a wonderful marriage and connect with your husband or wife on a greater level. I would recommend this novel to others because if your having marriage problems this book can guide you on how to get your marriage on the right track. I would also recommend this book for anyone who wants to find out what type of lover they are.

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