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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review:The Coming Revolution:Signs From America's past that signal our nation's future by Dr. Richard G. Lee

**I received this book for FREE in exchange for a review from Thomas Nelson**

The Coming Revolution is about how American are speaking up so our country can be restored to where our founders left it. This book also discusses how so called liberals are trying to ruin this country with their spending. Reading this book you can  tell that this author is a conservative because of the terms "the left" and "socialist" were used heavy in this book. This book also gives you tips on what you can do to help our country out.
I really didn't agree with some of the points in this book because of the tone of the author. I did not like when the author repeatedly used socialist, the left, and liberals. Those are terms that I think have divided us as a country and need to stop. This is also another reason why our Congress cannot come together for the good of our country. I also liked some of the points made about our government spending. This country has made it all right for people to receive something for nothing. People have been taught that they don't have to work hard because the government will bail them out. The government is trying to change some the laws god has made like marriage. God created Adam and Eve for a reason so if marriage wasn't between a man and a woman. They wouldn't have been created first. Our government should our people but not forever, it should be temporarily. Our government cannot continue to hand out taxpayers' money to people who don't want to work.
A revolution is coming because people are tired of the government rewarding people for not doing the right thing. The American people want to know wheres their help for doing everything right. The coming revolution definitely made me think about some of the things happening in the United States. This country cannot continue spending money it doesn't have. We need to continue people to work and educate themsleves. It would cost the government less  to  educate people in industries that are hiring than to continue these welfare programs.
I really wouldn't recommend this book to anyone because we hear all of these topics discussed on TV and the radio. If you are someone who is misinformed and want to know about some issues facing our country read this book. After you read it use your own judgment to decide what needs to be changed and what affects your life.

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