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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Review:Redemption by Bryan Clay with Joel Kilpatrick

Redemption is a book about the life of decathlon Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay. This goes on to discusses how Bryan Clay's relationship with god allowed him to have success in decathlon. Reading this book makes you think about your relationship with god, and how putting faith in the lord can help overcome anything.

Bryan Clay was kid who struggled with behavior problems after the divorce of his parents. He spent most of his  life not believing in the gift he had found he was good at. Bryan Clay's mother always prayed for son even when he was being rebellious. His mother recognized his gift before he finally realized he could have a career in track and field. Bryan Clay later started to believe that he could achieve greatness when he saw success in college. He always had people by his side that believed in him even when he struggled with doing the same.

I would recommend "Redemption" to others because this book really made me believe the work of God. I would also recommend that any kid suffering from behavior problems, and want to find their purpose in life. You can find your purpose in life by recognizing the faithfulness of God. You have to also understand that he will always be there to guide you in the right direction.

*This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for free in exchange for a review*

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