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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Shopping Trip:Walgreens

What I brought:
2 packs of Dentyne Ice single pack gum $2/2
2 Keebler Pecan Shortbread Cookies $2/5+$2 coupon in Walgreens saving book=$2/3
2 Cheez-it crackers $2 /5+ instant $2 off=$2/3

Coupons Used:
$1/2 Dentyne Single Pack Gum [Got this at the beginning of March 7]
(2) $1 off coupons
$1 off two cheez-its coupon[]=I brought the 9oz box and was still able to use this coupon eventhough it was for 11oz or larger

What I paid:
$1 for 2 Dentyne single pack gums
$2 for 2 boxes of Cheez-its, which means they were a $1 each for me.
$1 for 2 packages of cookies

So my total was $4 and with tax $ 4.43

I actually had to go back and get my total adjusted because I had forgot about the cheez-it coupon, so before that I had to pay $5.43.

Walgreens Advertised Savings:$4.56
Manufacture Coupon Savings:$8.00
So, I saved $12.56

They were nice enough to let me get my dollar back. Usually, I let these things go but this time around I couldn't.

Today I'm going to target to get that lotion, toothpaste, planters, dove[coupon expires today so I gotta use it today], and some other stuff.

Might go to Walmart today or on Sunday.

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