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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tip:Avoid any young cashiers

So  no offense to all the teens out there, but I notice that when I go in a lane with you all. I don't get the deals I  came for.

Like today, I went to Target to get in on a good deal for Vaseline Lotion because  I hate 2 coupons for $1.25 and $1.00. Coupons clearly states 3oz or larger.
I'm told I can't get it because I have a 10oz bottle. Some people need to learn how to read because I know how the read the coupons. They need to give these
you people training on how to accept coupons. I also wasn't able to get the Instant Oatmeal cup because they thought it wasn't for that. For the record, its instant
only different from the box is that its in a coupon. That's why its call express. I'm going back that way tomorrow, and hopefully I have luck with somebody else.

Also I couldn't use my planters coupons some odd reason. I don't understand when I used those coupons last week, and they worked. Dealing with all this made me
forget about my vitamin water coupon that was B1G1 free.  I ended up making the full amount,so I'm back tomorrow to get my dollar back. that's a dollar I could of
used to buy that lotion.

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